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Monday, November 28, 2005

Why Blog?

More specifically, why keep a Caravan4Christmas blog?

I wanted a way to chronicle the process. Partly, so others can follow this journey, but also so I have something to look back on. C4C has become a major part of my life for months and I want my own journal of this process. The website, letters, banner, etc. are for everyone. This blog, though, this is for me.

I wanted a quick way to put up pictures and info. Having a web designer that is doing it for free means I cannot snap my fingers at him and make him do what I want immediately. (right Steven?;-) Although I must admit, he is pretty darn quick.

The blog can go into more detail than the website. People check out websites to get quick information. People read blogs to get a deeper, more full understanding. I can describe, in my own words and emotions, each step we take.

Most importantly, though, blogs have become "where it's at"...especially in DC. I knew starting this blog would be a great way to spread the word. People read blogs...people respond to blogs...most importantly: when something is for a good cause, people get the blog word out. Bloggers have a loud voice. Huge thank you to AUA and all four lovely ladies hosting the DC Blogger Happy Hour on Wednesday night for supporting Caravan4Christmas!!!